The Best Biographies of George H.W. Bush

My Journey Through the Best Presidential Biographies

CarterCoinIn numerous ways, George H.W. Bush seems to have spent his life preparing for the presidency. A man of almost supernatural decency, Bush was the oldest-ever living president until his death thirty-eight days ago at the age of 94. (With fair winds and following seas, Jimmy Carter will inherit that title in just over ten weeks.)

But now, despite his heroics in combat, his business acumen, his extraordinary capitalist grit and his unobtrusive but earnest political ambition, George H.W. Bush suddenly seems a quiet and unassuming figure from a long-passed era.

Bush 41’s presidency ended nearly a quarter-century ago but it still seems premature to consider the “best biographies” of him due, in part, to the recency of his death, his still-evolving legacy and the scarcity of biographies covering his life. And, in my opinion, the definitive biography of Bush 41 has yet to be written…

I read two biographies…

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