Millennials and Historical Revision

Call it Hubris if you will…


The younger,  “woke,”  generation wants to rebuild the United States on their own delicate sensibilities. The original Founding was at best flawed, most of these cereal box revolutionaries call it “evil.”



These judicious, young stewards are enlightened far beyond their 18 or 19 years and clearly understand the human experience better than any nasty slave owner from 200 years ago. The sarcasm is only applied to further illuminate the hubris- this could be the beginning of our end.


But, in a greater sense, we of Generation X and to a lesser extent, the Baby Boomers, are to blame for this new strain of iconoclasm.  Our own misguided search for historic worth coupled with the inexcusable need to feel victimized has created a culture which exceeds mere political correctness.  Younger Americans are so desperate to feel relevant that they are willing to wage war on the dead.



One thought on “Millennials and Historical Revision

  1. Great post, Sheaffer. The picture sums it up: you’ve got some crazy cat lady dressed like Frieda Kahlo (it irks me how much they worship her), and (most tragic of all) the babe with the sign who is just hot enough to get away with believing such garbage, but who is also going to make some dude miserable. Sigh.


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