The Damage is Done- Jefferson

Slate magazine declares Jefferson’s incarnation in “Hamilton!” one of the most important characterizations in the last 25 years.

Jefferson is a villain in the hit musical- audiences seem to agree.  Alexander Hamilton has catapulted to favorable status according to some polling

  • Jefferson is portrayed as arrogant and disconnected, an elitist who didn’t really believe in the American experiment.
  • Hamilton’s monarchical inclinations are conveniently overlooked as the writers present him as a man of the people.
  • Sales of critical Jefferson biographies have seen increased circulation.


There may not be a coordinated effort to force Jefferson out of our national consciousness –  but the volume of negative material is taking its toll on public opinion. 

Academics like Paul Finkelman must be rejoicing that Jefferson is finally taking a beating in the public eye.  Finkelman once accused Jefferson of inventing “racism in America.”


In the meantime, “Hamilton!” is still the most coveted ticket on Broadway. 



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