The Damage is Done- Jefferson

Slate magazine declares Jefferson’s incarnation in “Hamilton!” one of the most important characterizations in the last 25 years. Jefferson is a villain in the hit musical- audiences seem to agree.  Alexander Hamilton has catapulted to favorable status according to some polling Jefferson is portrayed as arrogant and disconnected, an elitist who didn’t really believe inContinue reading “The Damage is Done- Jefferson”

The Assassin and FDR-the-POTUS-Elect

Originally posted on Presidential History Blog:
Less than a month before FDR’s first inauguration in 1933, he was the target of an assassination attempt. FDR: President Elect NY Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt Franklin Delano Roosevelt was an unlikely candidate for President in 1932. The 50-year-old New York patrician had a pleasant, but not stellar resume…

Weekly History News Roundup

Dillinger’s body to be exhumed… nephew looks to settle conspiracies   Viking drinking hall discovered in Scotland… site dates from the 12th century   Lost statue of Alexander the Great discovered… bust found in corner of warehouse   Reagan made racist comment on recording… Nixon recorded the phone call   Public lands bill to expandContinue reading “Weekly History News Roundup”

Forever Tricky

The Nixon renaissance is over before it could really take hold…recent renovations at the Nixon library were designed to renew interest in the 37th President’s foreign policy achievements – and to potentially redeem his reputation.  The new scrutiny has allowed researchers to bring forward evidence that Nixon’s 1968 Presidential campaign actively disrupted Lyndon Johnson’s attemptsContinue reading “Forever Tricky”

Truman’s Decision

Historical revisionists cannot win all the debates… but they believed the issue of Hiroshima/Nagasaki was open and shut.  Impressionable undergraduates inundated with nonsense about Japanese intent to surrender and Truman’s secret agenda to begin the Cold War.  Minor Japanese diplomats approaching anonymous Soviet delegates with talk of negotiating conditional surrender to the US hardly constitute seriousContinue reading “Truman’s Decision”

It Will Happen to Jefferson

Jefferson is the obvious target… It may start with the Confederate flag… but this movement to radically alter our history will continue.  Narrow minded academics like Paul Finkelman will fan the flames of discontent and dangerous media pundits will use tragedy to rally the uninformed to their nefarious cause. Jefferson is frustratingly complex and itContinue reading “It Will Happen to Jefferson”