Happy Thanksgiving

Students often express disbelief… and disappointment when they are informed of the true history behind the Thanksgiving holiday.  Years of being taught the story of  Pilgrims, Squanto, and the first harvest leave an indelible mark upon young minds.  There is no debate that these events occurred, rather, the effects of the cooperation are what can beContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving”

Eat Turkey- Be Thankful

Spare us your phony indignation over the Thanksgiving holiday… Stop posting the painfully naive memes about American Indians being killed or robbed by the Pilgrims- cease with the historically ignorant platitudes about rightful ownership and true “Native Americans.”   You are only showing your ignorance of history; but in addition, on full display is your gullibility. Continue reading “Eat Turkey- Be Thankful”

Censure of a President- The Senate’s Voice

Whig opposition to President Andrew Jackson did not have enough votes in the House of Representatives to impeach Jackson for his Constitutionally suspect attacks on the Second Bank of the United States. Jackson’s rival, Senator Henry Clay took matters into his own hands and censured Jackson’s conduct in the Senate. “Resolved that the President inContinue reading “Censure of a President- The Senate’s Voice”

Washington Knew this was Coming

Attorney General Barr recently made the erroneous claim that the Founders wanted most power consolidated in one branch of our Government- specifically the Executive. Any alternative interpretation he considers juvenile. Mr. Barr, I give you George Washington’s Farewell Address “The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural toContinue reading “Washington Knew this was Coming”

George Washington’s Two Revolutionary Sons

Originally posted on Presidential History Blog:
George Washington, General of the Continental Army George Washington had no children of his own, although he raised two step-children, and was considered a responsible and affectionate parent. GW: The Revolutionary War When the Revolutionary War began in 1775, George Washington was 43 years old. Having served in the…

Jefferson to Wasington- Free Press

Thomas Jefferson cautioned George Washington about the importance of a free press…. his words should serve as warning to citizens today… “No government ought to be without censors, and where the press is free, no one ever will. If virtuous, it need not fear the fair operation of attack and defense. Nature has given toContinue reading “Jefferson to Wasington- Free Press”

Facts in Five- Jefferson the Man

Thomas Jefferson edition- part 1 Jefferson had one of America’s great wine cellars- his love of wine always had him in debt.  During his presidency he spent an estimated $11,000 on wine, equivalent to $147,000 today. Public speaking terrified him- John Adams claimed never to have heard him speak more than a sentence while inContinue reading “Facts in Five- Jefferson the Man”

Long Remembered- Lincoln at Gettysburg

Lincoln thought he failed November 19, 1863…  obligatory applause from a damp crowd in Gettysburg offered him little consolation.  Lincoln had just followed a masterful two-hour speech from America’s greatest orator, Edward Everett.  The President sat down in his seat and commented to his friend, Ward Lamon, that the speech wouldn’t “scour” (would fail to clearContinue reading “Long Remembered- Lincoln at Gettysburg”