The Latest on “Silent Sam”

Student of the American Civil War

(Image: Samee Siddiqui)

The monument to white supremacy torn down by students at the University of North Carolina is at the center of a settlement between the University and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. This article details the agreement:

“The terms of the agreement include:

  • The university will turn over possession of the monument to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
  • The Sons of Confederate Veterans will ‘forever maintain possession of the monument outside any of the 14 counties currently containing a UNC System campus.’
  • The university system – ‘using non-state funds’ – will endow a charitable trust in the amount of $2.5 million, proceeds of which will be used for ‘certain limited expenses related to the care and preservation of the monument, including potentially a facility to house and display the monument.’ “

The article gives us a short history of the monument and protests against it, and gives us…

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