Confederate Dead Should be Forgotten

Confederate War dead should not matter

There is no compromising with revisionists who are set on changing how we remember the American Civil War.

  • First they argued that the Confederate flag should not be flown on public buildings- reasonable.
  • Then they argued that monuments to specific Confederate leaders should not stand in public spaces- also reasonable.
  • Now they are pressing for ALL monuments to anything/anyone connected to the Confederacy should be torn down, even Confederate war dead – unreasonable.
J. RWV wikiCommons

Writer Joshua Zeitz makes the case in Politico that the United States should follow the example of Germany following WW2.

The problem with his comparison is that there are monuments to German war dead throughout their country. Nazi symbols were removed and outlawed, but not memorials to Germans who died that war. These monuments are remarkably similar to the hundreds located in cities and towns across the American South.

2 thoughts on “Confederate Dead Should be Forgotten

  1. I don’t agree with any of it. That is our history – like it or not – nothing is going to change it. Both the good and bad events are with us and we can’t change it or erase it.
    I know people are trying to by gradually eliminating history from the school curriculum, but it’s with us no matter what they do.


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