History Wishes for the New Year – 2020

This historian would like to see…

  • Discourse on the New York Times’s 1619 Project. The current vitriol is unacceptable.
  • Academic historians engage each other in substantive debate, rather than insipid tweeting.
  • Acknowledging contributions and expertise of established scholars in the 1619 Project debate
  • Gordon Wood, James McPherson, and Sean Wilentz must be heard and respected.
  • David McCullough, Evan Thomas, Nate Philbrick, Richard Brookheiser- are considered historians
  • Real discussion on the wisdom and future of the 17th amendment
  • A fair and comprehensive Senate trial on the latest articles of impeachment
  • A fair and reasonable general election
  • The emergence of a new(not third) political party. The current two have far outlived their effectiveness
  • The Electoral College is maintained
  • Americans rediscover the genius of the Founding generation
  • Washington’s birthday becomes a separate holiday again
  • A moratorium on destroying Confederate monuments – particularly anonymous memorials to war dead
  • More US history in high school
  • Less Howard Zinn in college
  • The younger generation embraces living history
  • Frederick Douglass replaces Andrew Jackson on the $20
  • More battlefield preservation
  • A President who is Presidential – returning dignity to the Office.

One thought on “History Wishes for the New Year – 2020

  1. Can’t disagree w any of these, sir, although the last one seems unlikely, given the current field. If the choice is between socialists, extremists, shrill novices, and bully incumbents, I think the voters will continue to choose the bully.


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