Eleanor Roosevelt: The Bonus Army

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In 1933, when Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt became the First Family, the Great Depression was strangling the country.

The USA: 1933

After the stock market crash in October, 1929, it took some time for the economy to be seriously felt across the country. People were concerned of course, but the deep, deep troubles did not become readily apparent for several months.

Then people started losing jobs. Factories were closing. Mines were closing. Farmers, who already suffered for a decade, were failing badly, now hit by dust storms that decimated property. Unemployment was at an all-time high. Starvation threatened entire communities – literally.

The country had undergone economic troubles several times during the past century. People suffered and belts were tightened, but within a couple of years, it turned itself around.

This time was different. Belts were tightened and re-tightened. The Hoover Administration seemed paralyzed as they faced situations never seen…

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