TR and the Bull Moose Assassin

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Former POTUS Theodore Roosevelt in 1912 – in Milwaukee.


When Theodore Roosevelt retired after seven-and-a-half years of the presidency, he was only fifty. Too young. Too vigorous. Too antsy. In a phrase, Too Theodore.

POTUS Wm. H. Taft

He had hand-picked his successor and good friend, William Howard Taft, to carry on his progressive Republican policies, but Taft was a jurist by profession and disposition – and politics was never his strong suit. The “Old Guard” Republicans, a very conservative bunch, were happy to see TR spend a year or more hunting big game in Africa, so they could revert to their old style and old ways and firm control. Will Taft, nice moderate fellow that he was, was no match for them.

Within two years of his ex-Presidency, Theodore had been inundated by complaints from his loyal followers: his progressive policies and ideas were systematically being dismantled.

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