Jefferson and a New Historical Focus

Revisionists perpetuating the allegation that Thomas Jefferson… fathered all of Sally Hemings’ children now believe history is on their side.  The pressures of political correctness have relegated reasonable discourse on the issue to the fringe.  A scholar who questions the findings of writers like Annette Gordon-Reed, must be prepared to be labeled a racist.  TheContinue reading “Jefferson and a New Historical Focus”

Religious Freedom Within Reason

Thomas Jefferson was the author of religious freedom in America… as the First Amendment borrows its language from his Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom.  Like all men of the Enlightenment, Jefferson believed it was built upon the individual.  The individual was born free to worship, or not, in anyway he saw fit. “…nor shall otherwiseContinue reading “Religious Freedom Within Reason”

“Votes for Women” – Coal Region newspaper published a “Women’s Suffrage Edition” in March 1914

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On March 18, 1914, the staff of the Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader turned over their newspaper’s pages to the “Equal Suffragists of Luzerne County.” This organization advocated for women earning the right to vote in Pennsylvania and across the nation. The edition they published, 32 pages in all, was put together by…

TR and the Bull Moose Assassin

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Former POTUS Theodore Roosevelt in 1912 – in Milwaukee. TR: Ex-POTUS When Theodore Roosevelt retired after seven-and-a-half years of the presidency, he was only fifty. Too young. Too vigorous. Too antsy. In a phrase, Too Theodore. POTUS Wm. H. Taft He had hand-picked his successor and good friend, William…