BULLY! The Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt: A Book Review

Presidential History Blog

BULLY! The Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt really is “BULLY!” – as in Theodore Roosevelt’s usage, meaning “terrific!” “great idea!” It was written a few years back, and it has been sitting on my shelf unread for a few years back… (so many books, so little time…)

Anyway, it is a bully book on many fronts! Not the least of which is that it is a good looking book, beautifully composed and printed.

First a few comments on author Rick Marchall, a talented fellow on many fronts as well. Just like a superb athlete at one sport can excel at several others, creative artistic talents can frequently manifest in multiple forms. This author is a gifted (and successful) political cartoonist, which already taps into a variety of talents. He also has a generous eye for other political cartoonists of old, and their works are featured throughout. Then, of course…

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