John Quincy Adams: Arborist

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John Quincy Adams came late to nature.

JQA: The City Fellow

John Quincy Adams (1767-1848) was born in rural Massachusetts, but lived within ten miles of Boston, then considered a major city (pop. 10,000) in the Colonies. As a very young boy, his family periodically lived in Boston when the senior Adams had business there. When his father was in Philadelphia attending the Continental Congress, little JQ helped on the Adams farm – but at 7 or 8, he could only do so much.

But when Adams Senior was sent to Europe as a diplomat, he took his 10-year-old son along. JQ spent the better part of the next decade in the grand capitals of Europe, soaking up the finest culture and knowledge those cities had to offer. In addition, he was privileged to become acquainted with some of their finest and most illustrious citizens.

Young John Quincy Adams


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