The 25 Book Challenge

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In September, I received a Facebook challenge from a friend and mentor. It was to post for 25 consecutive days covers of books I love or that for some reason occupy a special place in my personal library. Those who participate are to post no explanations or commentary related to the books. Participants are then to challenge one additional person each day to participate.  I thought I’d share my list for your reading exploration:

  1. All Creatures Great and Small/All Things Bright and Beautiful omnibus by James Herriot
  2. The Ariadne Objective: The Underground War to Rescue Crete from the Nazi’s by Wes Davis
  3. Christy by Catherine Marshall
  4. Circling the Sun by Paula McLain
  5. City of Flight: The History of Aviation in St.  Louisby James J. Horgan
  6. Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American women Code Breakers of World War II by Liza Mundy
  7. A Distant Melody by Sarah Sundin

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