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Very different responses to Impeachment acquittals

House passes bill to create women’s history museum

The forgotten history of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Scholars continue to question the 1619 Project

New Jersey Bill would remove statue of Union General from US Capitol.

UNION hero…

On Immigration

Jefferson discussed immigration to the United States in 1805:

“Shall we refuse the unhappy fugitives from distress that hospitality which the savages of the wilderness extended to our fathers arriving in this land? Shall oppressed humanity find no asylum on this globe?”


America was growing and Jefferson approved:

“We contemplate this rapid growth, and the prospect it holds up to us, not with a view to the injuries it may enable us to do to others in some future day, but to the settlement of the extensive country still remaining vacant within our limits, to the multiplications of men susceptible of happiness, educated in the love of order, habituated to self-government, and value its blessings above all price.”

Trump has Jackson's Worst Traits

Trump’s advisors insist he is the second coming of Andrew Jackson. Never mind that Trump has no record of public or military service, the similarities are portrayed as real and historic.

Such claims are ludicrous when measuring the commendable aspects of Jackson’s life. Military heroics and public service are glaring holes in the Trump resume.

However, both men struggled with insecurities and turned to conspiracy theories to explain away their inadequacies.

Trickery and Hickory
  • Jackson convinced himself, and thousands of his supporters, that the election of 1824 was stolen from him by a “Corrupt Bargain” between winner John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay. Despite evidence to the contrary, Jackson’s refusal to accept the Constitutional results altered our history.
  • Trump is unwilling to accept the fact that he did not win the popular vote in 2016. He and his supporters are trying to perpetrate the falsehood that millions of illegal votes were cast for his opponent. He has offered no evidence to support this claim.

Insecure delusions compelled both men to attempt to rewrite history- satisfying their unchecked narcissism.

The Generation of Abolition

Edward Coles was not a peer of Thomas Jefferson, yet misguided historians with a cultural axe to grind cite his actions as proof Thomas Jefferson failed mankind.

Jefferson was 43 years older than Coles, a man from another time and place.

The Virginia society which allowed Coles’s liberal views on slavery was largely crafted by the mind of Jefferson.

Jefferson explained the conundrum:

a good cause is often injured more by ill timed efforts of it’s friends than by the arguments of it’s enemies. persuasion, perseverance, and patience are the best advocates on questions depending on the will of others. the revolution in public opinion which this case requires, is not to be expected in a day, or perhaps in an age. but time, which outlives all things, will outlive this evil also. my sentiments have been 40 years before the public. had I repeated them 40 times, they would only have become the more stale and thread-bare. altho I shall not live to see them consummated, they will not die with me. but living or dying they will ever be in my most fervent prayers. “

Tippecanoe and Lincoln: Coalitions

Presidential History Blog

In 1804, the office of Vice President devolved into one of geopolitical accommodation.

Geopolitical Accommodation:

After the tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr in the Presidential election of 1800, Aaron Burr became Vice President, according to the premise that the presidential runner-up would be VP.  A Constitutional Amendment was created shortly thereafter, mandating that voting for the office of VP would be separate from that of the President.

The office of VP was devalued with Aaron Burr.

Meanwhile, Burr proved to be a difficult and divisive Vice President, and the office would be devalued precipitously. There were instances when months and even years passed with no Vice President, a situation by the way, that would continue up till the time of Lyndon Johnson!

While the office of President was an important one, the office of VP became honorable, ceremonial, but a generally empty position. The only ameliorating factor seemed…

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Patton: A Genius For War” was published in 1995 and is the biography for which Carlo D’Este is best known. He is an author, military historian and a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army. Three years ago I read and reviewed his excellent biography of Dwight Eisenhower on this site.

There are few better pairings in the world of biography than George S. Patton – a wickedly complicated, imperious and colorful military mind – and Carlo D’Este. With 820 pages of text, and a treasure trove of uncommonly illuminating notes and bibliography, this book is comprehensive, balanced, unfailingly attentive and the product of meticulous research. What it is not, however, is efficient

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The Marshall Islands & the Bomb

Pacific Paratrooper

Marshall Islands

Between 1946 and 1958, the United States detonated 67 nuclear bombs on, in and above the Marshall Islands — vaporizing whole islands, carving craters into its shallow lagoons and exiling hundreds of people from their homes.

Operation Crossroads                

The first testing series in the Marshall Islands occurred under Operation Crossroads. The purpose of Operation Crossroads was to investigate the effect of nuclear weapons on naval warships. Testing in the islands began at Bikini Atoll with the Shot Able test, on July 1, 1946. After Shot Able, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists confirmed the power of these weapons. They determined that soldiers on ships up to a mile away from this explosion would be instantly be killed.

The U.S. then conducted the Shot Baker test on July 25.

From the Youtube video on Operation Crossroads

These tests were the first time that the U.S. tested nuclear weapons since…

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